Hand in today

Well,that was incredibly stressful. The unreal version I was using was 4.8 and the one in the LRC was 4.4.

I tried to compile it numerous times but failed. In the end I attempted to compress all 8GB onto a DVD-R that I had and submitted it.

So, what I have learnt today is to check compatibility beforehand and keep the file size low if you can. What I found a bit annoying was that the open world demo assets that unreal gave was 6GB, and I was only usingĀ four of those assets. I deleted the ones that I didn’t have and received an error message, which disappeared when I put everything back again.

I am hoping to improve this for the Graduation Show on November.


Project Mangement

I will be going on holiday from 5th to the 13th of August, which brings me to write thisĀ time management post. I will have to adjust my plan and do as much as I can before and after my holiday.

So far I have sculpted the terrain in unreal and have painted the textures, which at the moment looks very obviously tiled and not at all realistic. The buildings and grass steps have been imported into Maya from Blender. They need to be textured and placed into Unreal.

At this point I am behind as I was hoping to get the buildings into the terrain before I left. However, I have some time when I come back to get back on track.