Reflection: Evaluation of Learning

For my final project, I have learnt a great deal about using different applications for different situations and how I manage my time.

The technical skills I have learnt include: Rendering Machu Picchu in a game engine, adding Interactive elements, using Google earth maps, height elevation data, used Maya, Blender, Google Sketchup, Mudbox and Photoshop as well as Unreal Engine textures and materials. I also learnt about time management, prioritising tasks and planning.

Whilst this was a solo project, I did receive a lot of feedback from my peers in the few days before the deadline. I think I might have benefited working in a team to improve my communication and teamwork skills. Still, I learnt a lot about myself during this project and what aspects to improve on.

As an artist I feel that I have learnt many new skills and will leave Hertfordshire wanting to learn more about level design and environments. I also need to work on my confidence. While this project was challenging and occasionally frustrating at times, I enjoyed it and was happy with my final product.

Reflection: Evaluation of Learning

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