Reflection: Methodology

I think the main thing I can take away from this project is to improve what items I need to prioritise. I had originally thought that since the buildings and the grass steps of Machu Picchu would be quite small in comparison to the terrain, that I really should do the surrounding landscape first. So, yes, I do find it hard to work out what should be focused on.

But this brings me to my methodology, which for me is working out what tasks need to be done and how. When I’m stuck I look up tutorials on-line or ask my tutor for guidance. I like videos that are straightforward, and explain things through in a simple manner.

Keeping this blog helps, I think, as I have a record of everything that I have done so far as well as my inspirations and that helps in keeping me motivated.

When making decisions, it’s usually based on what I can or can’t do within a time frame. I notice that if I spend too long on an aspect of my work, I can easy forget about the rest of it, as I am focusing on trying to get it right.

As a potential artist, these are the things I need to keep in mind in order to improve my methodology.


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